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  • GM Valtis created an article,

    How Does Character Customization Work?

    Character creation is the first step taken by each player in preparation for their journey. Bless Unleashed currently has five classes, each with a unique set of skills, statistics, and abilities. ...

  • GM Valtis created an article,

    How does the Guild System Work?

    A Guild is a group of players consisting of a Guild Master, Officers, Veterans, Members, and Initiates under the same banner. Each Guild is unique and has its own trade or pursuits. It is formed to...

  • GM Valtis created an article,

    What are the different zones in this game (And why can't I see my friends!?)

      In the vast world of Lumios, adventurers can expect to find areas to take refuge in and areas to be wary of.   Protected Zones After setting foot outside of Marco’s Farmstead, you will enter a Pr...

  • GM Valtis created an article,

    How does the Quest System work?

    The world of Bless Unleashed is full of quests that present different elements of the world of Lumios. These quests are divided into different types: the "Campaign Quests", "Side Quests", "[Repeat]...

  • GM Valtis created an article,

    What is the Main Menu?

    The Main Menu includes the main list of all available in-game options. The menu design intends to provide ease-of-access to console users.   Figure 1: Main Menu   Matchmaking: This is where you can...

  • GM Valtis created an article,

    What are Trials and Titles?

      Trials and Titles highlight your journey’s greatest accomplishments throughout the world of Bless Unleashed. They are indicators displayed above your character’s name and can be acquired through ...

  • GM Valtis created an article,

    How does the Friend System Work?

    Friend System The Friend System allows you to manage and track other players in-game. You may access this feature from the World Menu. Figure 1: Friends System   Friends List The Friends List show...

  • GM Valtis created an article,

    What is Reputation?

      Reputation represents your Character’s standing with each Faction of Lumios. Reputation can be increased by completing certain quests. You can view your current Reputation Level and Points for ea...

  • GM Valtis created an article,

    How does the Combat System Work?

    Figure 1: Combat System   During combat, you will primarily be using Combos, Blessings, and Dodging to deal with your enemies.You can view these by pressing the Menu button on your controller, the...

  • GM Valtis created an article,

    What is the Bag?

    The bag contains your current inventory of equipment, consumables and general items. Here you are capable of equipping, using or destroying items that you have gathered throughout your journey. It ...

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